The Practice Place

A Curated Collection of Online Classes

Welcome! I am so excited to offer you ways to practice with me from the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel room to fit your lifestyle and schedule needs! Choose to stream or download, the class is forever yours to practice to as many times as your heart (and body) desires!

While I highly recommend investing in props to support you in what will hopefully be a long, beautiful relationship with yoga, as most of my classes require a variety of props, there are classes available for those who are “traveling light,” and do not have or want the extra equipment. Read about my favorite prop recommendations here!

And as always, to reduce the risk of injury, consult your healthcare provider before beginning this or any fitness program. The exercise instruction and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation.

Thank you for practicing!


Explore the Core

This all levels 35-minute class is designed to awaken and strengthen the core 360 degrees around: front/abdominal, side, and back body. With the help of props like a yoga chair and wall, it offers new and unique ways to target the body's center, while giving alignment refinement to tried and true core practices such as Plank pose, Boat pose, and more.

Duration: 35 mins

Level: All levels. To make easier, take shorter holds and adjust prop usage as needed.

Intensity: Moderate to Challenging

Props: mat, yoga chair, 2 blocks, 1 blanket, wall


Basic Chair Flow

This measured flow offers a healthy dose of Standing Poses, Core Work, Arm Balances, Backbends, Intro to Inversions, and Twists, without losing out on the essential alignment instructions needed to feel integrated and safe. Use of the chair occurs throughout class, making it a great introduction for those curious about the applications of this versatile and exciting prop, or who normally only practice Vinyasa and are ready to try something new!

Duration: 50 mins

Level: All levels

Intensity: Moderate

Props: mat, 1 block, 1 strap, yoga chair, wall


Foundation Flow for All

Foundation Flow for All is as “one size fits all” as a practice can get. Perfect for solid beginners looking to graduate to intermediate level poses, but also challenging enough for seasoned practitioners, this class offers fresh alignment cues for common basics poses (i.e., Triangle, Warrior 2, Half Moon, Side Angle, and Down Dog), while introducing more challenging poses like Handstand at a wall, Crow and rarely taught poses like Archer Pose. A solid, fun, and informative practice!

Duration: 60 mins

Level: All levels

Intensity: Moderate

Props: mat, 2 blocks, wall


Get Strong with Chair Pose

Chair Pose is a ubiquitous pose found in practically all public yoga classes, but its shape also occurs in everyday life (think sitting down, and getting up from a chair or toilet!). This is an entire class preparing the body for the beneficial work of Chair Pose - legs, hips, shoulders and chest, and their relationship to the spine. We will also use a resistance band for dynamic strength training, blocks and the wall for isometric strength training, and the floor and blankets for static stretching and strengthening. A great, challenging class to energize you for your day!

Duration: 45 mins

Level: All levels

Intensity: Moderate to Challenging

Props: mat, 2 blocks, 2 blankets, 1 resistance loop, yoga chair, wall